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Events are the lifeblood of Innovation Bay. We curate exciting and immersive multi-day retreats, exceptional, multi-faceted , full day events, genuinely connective breakout group meets, and informative virtual events. Our events connect founders, investors and ecosystem builders for remarkable deep dives on a particular sector or function, timely and effectual topics, or to examine the highs and lows of the startup journey.

  • Summit Session 1

    Our first Summit Session of 2023 is taking place on Thursday 23 March at, Macquarie Martin Place, Sydney

  • Aurora Venture Session Trivia

    We are delighted to announce the next Aurora Venture Session for our Aurora Community will take place on Thursday 4 May at Watersedge at Campbell’s Stores in Sydney.

  • Sydney Investor Day | Apply to pitch

    We’re running our next Horizon Inner Circle Investor Day in Sydney on 22nd March!

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