Techvisa – Empowering the Tech Ecosystem with Seamless Migration

Natasha Prévot & Sam Brcknell from Techvisa
L-R: Natasha Prévot & Sam Bricknell, Co-Founders & Directors of Techvisa

Late last year Innovation Bay launched a corporate membership program, offering corporate ecosystem supporters an opportunity to stay at the forefront of innovation in order to gain a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving landscape. United in Innovation Bay’s shared mission to continue the positive growth trajectory of the startup ecosystem in Australia and New Zealand, organisations are invited to join our community, drive further impact, and experience the benefits that come with being a valued member and partner of Innovation Bay.

One such affiliation is with Techvisa, a specialist Migration Agency that offers a personalised migration service to businesses, individuals, and recruitment agencies – they are the go-to in the tech space for Immigration. Techvisa have worked with some of the most disruptive tech companies and individuals, locally and across the globe, to navigate the process for acquiring a work visa or permanent residency status in Australia – including a number from the Innovation Bay community. Given their experience and knowledge of the IT space, they manage the entire application process from A-Z, requiring minimal input from the company – a huge benefit in an industry that moves faster than light! 

True supporters of the continued uplift of our industry, Techvisa align with a number of organisations deeply ingrained in the ANZ ecosystem. One of Techvisa’s most successful collaborations so far has been their partnership with Tech Council of Australia – an affiliation that has been instrumental in driving innovation by contributing to significant changes in immigration policy. “I urge others in a position to do so to engage in policy advocacy to promote a regulatory environment that fosters innovation and growth,” states Sam Bricknell, Co-Founder & Director of Techvisa. 

“By working closely with the Tech Council of Australia, we’ve been able to advocate for and influence policies that provide tech businesses with improved access to global talent pools,” reflects Sam Brcknell, Co-Founder and CEO at Techvisa. “This means facilitating smoother processes for skilled individuals to contribute to the Australian tech ecosystem.”  This particular partnership will enhance the ability for Australia to attract top talent from around the world by advocating for policies that support innovation and growth within the tech sector. 

With their role extending beyond well-established tech companies, Techvisa understands the importance of nurturing emerging startups and scaleups to ensure long-term growth. “We actively engage with these entities, providing support and guidance on navigating immigration processes to access global talent,” says Sam. “By empowering startups with the right talent, we fuel their growth trajectory, ultimately strengthening the entire tech landscape in Australia.” 

Aligned with Innovation Bay’s belief in the power of knowledge sharing to drive progress, Techvisa actively participates in industry events, workshops, and forums to exchange insights and best practices with fellow stakeholders. Embracing collaboration by forming partnerships with and providing support for startups and scaleups as well as various other industry stakeholders is key for Techvisa, and ultimately the wider ecosystem. 

For other companies eager to actively engage and support the continued trajectory of the tech ecosystem in Australia, Techvisa sees immense value in investing in talent development and initiatives that promote skill-building and upskilling within the community. “Supporting educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and professional development initiatives can help cultivate a strong pipeline of talent,” says Sam. 

Innovation Bay proudly maintains enduring partnerships with leading brands such as Forbes Australia, Google Cloud, Macquarie Bank, Gilbert & Tobin, Jaguar Land Rover, the ASX, and many more. Offering unparalleled access to the brightest minds in the ANZ tech landscape, Innovation Bay invites ecosystem supporters to join in fostering innovation and forging meaningful connections through partnership with our vibrant community. Inquire HERE.

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