1 May, 2019

E62 – Startup Boards special with Amanda Price, KPMG High Growth Ventures; Anthony Sochan, Think & Grow; & Martin Dalgleish, Morpheus Ventures

This week, we’re excited to share a very special episode featuring our first ever ‘trio’ on the pod who discussed the impact, role, and necessity of Australian startup boards. Ian sat down with Amanda Price, Head of KPMG High Growth Ventures, Anthony Sochan, Partner at Think & Grow and Martin Dalgleish, Partner at Morpheus Ventures, for an in-depth exploration about company boards – discussing everything from how to create successful boards, to tackling board diversity, to when to start creating boards?

Recently, KPMG High Growth Ventures and Think & Grow teamed together recently to produce a brilliant and comprehensive report titled The Startup Board Report, interviewing 26 startup board directors globally and surveying over 70 Australian startups. Some key stats they found include:

  • 40% of late-stage startups don’t have an independent board member
  • 50% of startups compensate board members with cash or equity
  • 76% of startups don’t have a diversity target in place
  • 65% of startups don’t recruit board members through a formal process

We’re very passionate about the importance of startup boards. Our GM, Sian Priest, co-founded Get on Board with the aim of connecting more women with board opportunities, so this is definitely a topic we resonate well with. For founders that are yet to put together a board, or aren’t sure where to start, this is a fantastic Ep that’ll help get you started. We hope you enjoy!

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