4 May, 2020

OTPBD News Special – 4th May

Welcome to the third episode of the OTPBD News Special. It’s a fortnightly podcast looking at the stories behind the headlines of the news that matters for the Australian and Kiwi startup ecosystem.
Meet this week’s panel:VC: Daniel Petre, AirTree VenturesFounder: Antony Ceravolo, SineEcosystem: Rachael Neumann, AWS
Topics we discuss:Will superannuation funds continue to back Aussies VCs, the launch of the Governments COVIDSafe app and do we trust them with our data, how Elon Musk wiped $14bn of Tesla’s stock with one tweet, and why founders like Jeff Bezos and RedBubble’s Martin Hoskings stepping back in to take the reins in a crisis.

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