Introducing the Aurora Advisory Board

“In the midst of the ANZ technology renaissance, the collaborative and supportive nature of our community has been a defining feature. Our shared goal is to witness Australia’s technology landscape thrive. Aurora has long been a cornerstone of this community, and I’m honored to be part of it.” 
– Craig Blair, Partner & Co-Founder, Airtree (Member of Aurora Innovation Bay)

We’re delighted to announce the formation of a member Advisory Board for Aurora, Innovation Bay’s VC community. Aurora stands as a distinguished group comprising 118 venture capital partners from 95 funds, managing billions in assets and representing numerous Australian and New Zealand founders and companies.

The inaugural Aurora Advisory Board comprises the following esteemed members:

Established to unite VCs across the region, Aurora provides a space for leaders in VC to engage in thoughtful and authentic discussions, sharing both successes and challenges in a dynamic peer-driven environment. A cohesive, robust, and vibrant venture community paves the way for enhanced outcomes and expanded opportunities for startups and the broader ecosystem

The collective expertise and innovative spirit of the Aurora Advisory Board will play a pivotal role in guiding Innovation Bay’s VC community. As advisors, they will provide strategic insights, offer feedback on community initiatives, and shape the future trajectory of Innovation Bay.

The board’s primary objective is to enhance the overall experience and value proposition offered by Innovation Bay, focusing on three key areas:

Our members are aligned in their vision to leverage their roles on the advisory board to deepen connections and foster collaborations within the extensive community of 118 VCs. By uniting the VC ecosystem, we anticipate a ripple effect that will bolster support for the wider startup community and industry, fostering connectivity and sustainability for years to come.

“Innovation Bay has been instrumental in connecting me with a vibrant and like-minded community,” remarks Karen Chan, Portfolio Manager at Perennial Private Investments. “I joined the Aurora Advisory Committee to contribute to deepening connections and fostering ongoing learning within our ever-evolving venture ecosystem.”

Georgia Barkell, Partner at Sprint Ventures, adds, “I’m thrilled to join the Aurora committee to facilitate collaboration across the VC industry, enhancing our collective support for the startup ecosystem. As a female VC based in Queensland, I aim to bring a diverse perspective to the committee and broaden our national reach.”

Nick Gainsley, Partner at OneVentures, brings an international perspective to his role on the Advisory Board, drawing from similar experiences in the UK. “Venture thrives on relationships,” he notes. “Community is therefore paramount in building a collaborative and flourishing ecosystem. It’s only natural for members to contribute to optimizing the community for greater achievements.”

“I strongly believe that collaboration across the industry is a cornerstone of success,” states Dan Krasnostein, Partner at Square Peg. “The Aurora community plays a crucial role in fostering pivotal relationships among investors, which in turn drives collaboration. I joined the committee to play whatever small part I could in nurturing this incredible community.”

Milly Goucher, Head of Ventures at Helia, adds, “This opportunity allows me to support the invaluable efforts of Innovation Bay in cultivating an empowered, connected, and vibrant startup ecosystem. I’m excited to lend my skills and expertise to shape the future of the Venture Capital Community.”

We’re thrilled to welcome these esteemed leaders from the Australian and New Zealand VC ecosystem to the Aurora Advisory Board.

More information on our Aurora VC community here.

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